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here’s a nifty tip for cleaning your sterling silver jewellery 25/02/2010

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if you are looking to clean plain sterling silver items (as opposed to items w beaded or bezel set stones) i would highly recommend this old home remedy

1. line a bowl/pan w aluminum foil and fill w hot water

2. place the tarnished jewellery on the foil and be sure the water covers the jewellery

3. add equal parts salt-baking soda-dish washing liquid (like 1 tbsp/) and let soak 5-10 min

4. remove, rinse w warm water, dry and buff w clean cloth

i would also recommend always storing your jewellery in air-tight plastic bags when you are not wearing them…

peace out and sparkle—lg


all my designs are named 22/02/2010

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for years now i have been “naming” all my designs…my inspiration for this idea was totally taken from all the cosmetic companies who have been naming their lipstick, nail polish, eye shadow shades for as long as i can remember…i have always LOVED that concept and thought, hey, why not adopt that into the LG collection and give random names to my designs?

people always ask me where i come up with the ideas…and to be honest, there is no rhyme or reason to this process…i usually come up with the names quite randomly and often they have nothing to do with the actual design itself…things that i believe in, something that someone said that made me think, or even a private joke between me and just one friend…obviously sometimes the design itself does influence the name but more often than not, it is just another way for me to express my personality and share with my customers a little bit about me

i’ll be sharing some of my favourite LG style names here from time to time and am always open to suggestions and thoughts

peace out and sparkle–lg


LG jewels now has it’s own FB page! 17/02/2010

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in the spirit of social marketing, i finally got my act together and published my “fan” page…strange thing that is, to consciously put together a forum for your “fans”… i mean, hey, nothing says “i am a rockstar” more than having a fan page…i don’t know if you have ever had to do it, but self-promoting is super hard…any who haa, did it and now you can find me on FACEBOOK!

  • facebook name: the lisa grant jewellery collection

peace out and sparkle—lg


all things PEARL 30% off (online sales only, thru 22 feb) 10/02/2010

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please check out and look for reduced prices on all PEARLS

necklaces: great deal on the fabulous LG signature piece N18 PLG—PLP—PLW
bracelets: the classic make-a-wish bracelet, super easy to wear and great gift B26 PLG—PLGD—PLW…5 strands of gorgeous pearls B27 PLW
rings: 3 band stacking ring set R12 PL…byzantine bezel set hammered beauty R56 PL
earrings: outfit change dangles E6 PLG—PLGD—PLP—PLW…mini sweet clusters E19 PLBR—PLGD—PLW…3 beaded classic E36 PLW…mini sweet clusters w a hook E86 PLG–PLP—PLW…bezel set with a little chain E87 PLW…hoop w freeflow beads E100 PLW…elegant long flowing E105 PLW