some jewels and other things by LG

miscellany by a girl who loves jewellery

all things PEARL 30% off (online sales only, thru 22 feb) 10/02/2010

Filed under: online sales — lgjewels @ 2:49 pm

please check out and look for reduced prices on all PEARLS

necklaces: great deal on the fabulous LG signature piece N18 PLG—PLP—PLW
bracelets: the classic make-a-wish bracelet, super easy to wear and great gift B26 PLG—PLGD—PLW…5 strands of gorgeous pearls B27 PLW
rings: 3 band stacking ring set R12 PL…byzantine bezel set hammered beauty R56 PL
earrings: outfit change dangles E6 PLG—PLGD—PLP—PLW…mini sweet clusters E19 PLBR—PLGD—PLW…3 beaded classic E36 PLW…mini sweet clusters w a hook E86 PLG–PLP—PLW…bezel set with a little chain E87 PLW…hoop w freeflow beads E100 PLW…elegant long flowing E105 PLW


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